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GameBoy (Color) 108 in 1 bootleg cart


Here’s another one, actually I got this one about a year ago, it seems it’s older version of 116 in 1 cart.

Almost all of the games are the same and it only has two games (that are hacks anyway) that are not present on 116 in 1 cart (slot 4 – Super Fighter S 99 and slot 10 – Harvest Moon 4). Additionally three games that don’t work in 116 in 1 cart (Cyraid, The Adventures of Star Saver and Batman Return of the Joker) work on this cart.

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GameBoy (Color) 116 in 1 bootleg cart


I’ve found a seller on Aliexpress that has bootleg GB/GBC carts so I ordered few. Yes, they’re not original, but it’s more practical to carry one cart with ~100 games than 10 original carts with one game :).

And since I already have them I though why not make a list of games so other people can see what’s on them.

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