GameBoy (Color) 108 in 1 bootleg cart


Here’s another one, actually I got this one about a year ago, it seems it’s older version of 116 in 1 cart.

Almost all of the games are the same and it only has two games (that are hacks anyway) that are not present on 116 in 1 cart (slot 4 – Super Fighter S 99 and slot 10 – Harvest Moon 4). Additionally three games that don’t work in 116 in 1 cart (Cyraid, The Adventures of Star Saver and Batman Return of the Joker) work on this cart.

Here’s the list:


  • GB – game compatible with “plain” GameBoy (and up)
  • GBC – game compatible with GameBoy Color (and up)
  • GB/GBC – game compatible with both “plain” GameBoy and GameBoy Color in a sense that it has full color on GBC (usually GB games on GBC use limited pallete) and yet it still works on GB

P.S. Again, I’m not an expert in Asian alphabets, aka I have no clue, so information in language is my estimation. I hope nobody gets offended if I guessed wrong on some game.

No Name on cart Actual name Language System Link Misc
1 Pokemon Golden Pokemon Gold Chinese GB/GBC
2 Pokemon Sliver Pokemon Silver Chinese GB/GBC
3 Pokemon Crysta Pokemon Crystal Chinese GBC
4 Fighter 1999 Super Fighter S 99 English  GB/GBC This is quite a mish-mash, it’s a hack of a hack, basically one of King of Fighters game. It’s a mod of King of Fighters 97, which was a mod of KOF 96 with additional KOF 95 characters
5 Haverst Moon 2 Harvest Moon 2 Chinese GB/GBC
6 Pokemon Yellow Chinese GB/GBC
7 Pokemon Blue Chinese GB
8 Pokremon Green Chinese GB Debug menu on start, not sure if it makes any difference
9 Pokemon Red Chinese GB
10 Haverst Moon4 Harvest Moon 4 Chinese GB/GBC Not sure what exactly it is as I don’t think there’s an official Harvest Moon 4 for gameboy, I guess it’s a hack of some kind
11 Haverst Moon3 Harvest Moon 3 Chinese GBC
12 Real Koei San Chinese GBC Side scrolling beat’em up, by characters avaialable I’d guess some kind of Dinasty Warriors game or hack, playable, although annoying because enemies don’t have to be aligned perfectly to hit you, but you have to be to hit them
13 Super Mairodx Super Mario Bros Deluxe English GBC
14 Metal Gear Metal Gear Solid Chinese GBC Lots of text in cutscenes, I guess mission objectives are given there which complicates things
15 Pokemon Monst Pokemon Pikecho (?) Chinese GB/GBC Some kind of Pokemon hack, looks like pokemon game hacked on some other RPG
16 The War of Vi Metal Slug (?) Chinese GB Looks like Metal Slug for GBC, all titles and text in Chinese, tried it for a bit and it isn’t very playable, looks more like beta version (shooting horizontaly makes sounds, vertical shooting is silent…)
17 KOF 1996 King of Fighters ’96 Japanese GB yes
18 KOF 1995 King of Fighters ’95 Japanese GB yes
19 Ghostbusters The Real Ghostbusters English GB
20 Snow Bros Snow Brows Jr English GB Bubble Bobble type game
21 Turrican English GB
22 Contra English GB
23 Pitma Pitman English GB
24 DR Mario English GB
25 Palamedes English GB yes
26 Renju Club Renju Club: Gomoku Narabe Japanese GB It’s a game of GO, if you know the rules it’s still playable
27 Bomb Jack English GB
28 Jimmy Connors Jimmy Connors Tennis English GB yes
29 Pac man English GB yes
30 Puzzle Boy II Japanese GB Some puzzle game, not really able to figure out how or what
31 Snoopy Magic Snoopy Magic Show English GB
32 Champ Boxing Heavyweight Championship Boxing English GB yes Actually looks fun 🙂
33 Malibu Beach Malibu Beach Volleyball English GB yes
34 Racing Tamash Racing Damashii / Racing Tamashii English GB yes Title in Japanese, but text in english, motorbike racing game
35 Solomons Club Solomon’s Club English GB
36 Zoids Densets Zoids Densetsu Japanese GB yes Side scrolling shoot ’em up
37 Wizards ? War Wizards & Warriors X The Fortress of Fear English GB
38 Super Yoshi Yoshi English GB yes
39 Solar Striker English GB Vertical scrolling shoot ’em up
40 Hatris English GB yes Tetris type game
41 Panel Action Panel Action Bingo English GB
42 Burai Fighter Burai Fighter Deluxe English GB yes Side scrolling shoot ’em up
43 Home Alone Ishido The Way Of Stones English GB yes Some kind of puzzler
44 Q Billion Deadheat Scramble English GB yes Racing game
45 Monster Truck Mouse Trap Hotel English GB Arcade
46 Mancine Plus Bionic Battler English GB yes FPS like maze fighting game
47 Sa Ga 3 Jikuu Cyraid English GB This is english version of the game on slot 63, unlike the game on 116in1 cart this one works
48 Paperboy English GB
49 NBA Super Sta NBA All Star Challenge English GB yes 1 on 1 basketball
50 Monster Race Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise English GB
51 Dexterity English GB yes
52 Super Bomblis Boomer Adventure in ASMIK World Japanese GB yes
53 Super Gogo Ta Go! Go! Tank English GB yes
54 Tail Gator English GB
55 Castlevania 3 The Castlevania Adventure English GB
56 Power Racer English GB yes
57 Chinese Hero Rolans Curse English GB yes
58 Nailn Scale Zoop English GB yes
59 Rolans Curse Panel no Ninja Kesamaru Japanese GB Playable, not dependant on language, if you figure out what to do
60 Super Mario L Super Mario Land English GB
61 Sain World Parasol Henbee Japanese GB Looks like some kind of arcade game, like Super Mario
62 Pinball 66hik Pinball: 66-hiki no Wani Daikoushin! Japanese GB “It’s in Japanese, but it’s pinball, not much to read :), english version is called “”Pinball: Revenge of the ‘Gator”””
63 Warrior Bakuretsu Senshi Warrior English GB This is Japanese version of Cyraid, Bakuretsu Senshi Warrior, , although this is Japanese version I haven’t seen any Japanese in game, options are in English
64 Penguin Kun W Penguin Kun Wars vs. (maybe) English GB yes
65 F 15 Strike E F-15 Strike Eagle English GB
66 Championship Championship Pool English GB
67 Snoopy No Haj Snoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai Japanese GB Something with snoopy, text is in Japanese, but it doesn’t look like it’s RPG so it should be playable
68 Adventures Of The Adventures of Star Saver English GB This one works, the one on 116in1 cart doesnt’ start
69 Skate or Die Skate or Die Tour de Thrash English GB Skateboard game
70 Atomic Punk English GB Bomberman clone
71 Batman Return  Batman Return of the Joker English GB This one works, the one on 116in1 cart doesnt’ start
72 Punisher The The Punisher The Ultimate Payback English GB Operation Wolf like game
73 Alien 3 English GB
74 Casper English GB
75 Star Trek Gen Star Trek Generations English GB
76 Teke Teke A Tetris 2 English GB
77 WWF Superstar WWF Superstars 2 English GB yes
78 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones & The Last Crusae English GB
79 Popn Twinbee Pop’n TwinBee English GB yes Vertical shoot ’em up
80 Dead Heat Scr Last Action Hero English GB
81 Bust A Move 2 English GB
82 Momotarou Col The Tower of Druaga English GB
83 Flintstones The Flintstones King Rock Treasure Islan English GB
84 Super Duck Darkwing Duck English GB
85 F1 Hero GB F1 Hero GB World Championship ’91 English GB
86 Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 English GB yes
87 Little Indian Little Indian: An Indian in the City English GB
88 Double Dragon English GB yes
89 Shadow Warriro Shadow Warriors English GB
90 3D Alien Adve Altered Space A 3-D Alien Adventure English GB
91 Adventure Isl Hudson’s Adventure Island English GB
92 Rob Man Mobile Police Patlabor Japanese GB Some kind of RPG, not very playble if you can’t read it
93 Super Bomblis Super Bombliss English GB Seems to support Link cable, tetris clone
94 Prince of Per Prince of Persia English GB
95 Alfred Chicken English GB
96 Batman The An Batman The Animated Series English GB
97 Tetris Blast English GB yes Looks to be the same as Super Bombliss with different splash screen
98 Robocop English GB
99 Blues Brother Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventure English GB
100 Flash The The Flash English GB
101 Nontan To Is Nontan to Issho Kurukuru Puzzle Japanese GB yes Tetris type game
102 Spider Man A Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge English GB
103 Baseball Baloon kid English GB yes
104 Pang English GB
105 Tom and Jerr Tom & Jerry English GB
106 SpeedBall 2 Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe English GB
107 Fire Fighter English GB
108 Ultraman Japanese GB yes

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