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SD2IEC for Commodore 64/128 DIY

Logo It’s time for some C64 stuff. For those new to all of this, SD2IEC is floppy drive emulator that emulates basic functions of Commodore 1541 floppy drive. Although I say C64, as far as I know it works with C128 and some older Commodore computers that can use 1541 compatible floppy drives. Back in the day I had C64 with cassette tapes. Surprisingly old tapes still worked after 20 years, but it was far from practical to use them. Even with Turbo cartridge that can load compressed games. Alternative was to get real floppy drive, but then again, 5.25” floppies are not that easy to come by, or reliable… Next alternative was to get some of commercial floppy emulators, like 1541 Ultimate, Ultimate-II and so on. Problem with them is that they tend to be pricey. In the end I stumbled upon SD2IEC which can be done at home. You can also find them prebuilt on ebay, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂 Although, to be fair, they have one characteristic that makes them somewhat more interesting than home made version. They’re way smaller since they’re professionally made and usually have cute cases that look like original 1541 drive, only waaaaay smaller :). Read the rest of this entry